Resolutions, Part 1

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about New Years resolutions. This time last year, I made my first real resolution. By that I mean my first resolution that didn’t have to do with being better friends with my stuffed animals or being nicer to my big sister like they did when I was 8 years old (LOL yeah I know, right?!). So I guess it’s time to (good thing being punctual wasn’t my resolution) reflect on 2013.

My first ever resolution was simple: to be myself – always. As I said in my last post, this time last year my life was totally different. I was very active in my sorority and all of my friends were too. But I think this needs a bit of background info before I move forward.

When I transferred to Memphis after my freshman year, I went throughout sorority recruitment to meet people. At first I had almost no intention of actually “pledging” a sorority, but I thought that it was the easiest way to meet a bunch of girls my age all at once. I ended up falling in love with the girls in Kappa Delta and cried my way through the preference ceremony and bid day out of sheer excitement and happiness. The funny thing is that in high school, all of my gal pals couldn’t wait to go to college and join a sorority and I was totally uninterested in that. In fact, I think that most of my friends were a little shocked and confused that I did go through sorority recruitment and even more shocked that I ended up LOVING it.

Anyway, as the girls in my sorority were my only friends at the U of M, I spent all of my time with them. As time went on, I found myself starting to act like the friends I was with all the time – please don’t take this to mean it was a bad thing. The thing was that I found myself “liking” a bunch of stuff because all my friends were. I’m not a “monogrammed everything” kind of gal and honestly, I don’t see the fascination with all things chevron. Sorry, ladies, but I just don’t get it. But even though I didn’t like those things (and other things that my friends liked) I found myself going with it anyway because all of my friends were. At some point, I realized what I was doing and that it was silly. But I also realized that I felt that people wouldn’t like me as much if I didn’t like the same things as they did – which is also silly but whatever. But I was sort of scared to be myself. So, in an attempt to make a change, I made my first resolution.

I started out on my resolution by piercing my eyebrow. I had been wanting my eyebrow pierced for about a year but honestly I thought for while that my friends would all think it was weird so I didn’t do it. But when I realized that other peoples idea of what was cool or weird was taking control of my decisions too much and how silly that was I knew it was time. So I did it. Mom wasn’t pleased it at first but I think she got over it. (Thanks, mom!) Maybe you think that an eyebrow piercing is a weird way of going about this resolution, and maybe you’re right, but I can honestly say that anytime I looked in the mirror and saw my eyebrow ring in 2013, I remembered my vow to always be myself.

I don’t have a long list of things that I did in order to accomplish or succeed in my resolution – but all I can say is that I did. Save a few moments of natural weakness (nobody’s perfect), I did succeed in my resolution. In 2013, I learned that I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing for people to love and accept me. It sounds a little silly, maybe, but I think most people would agree that we’ve all done things before because our friends were doing it too. In addition, I learned to love myself – I still need to work on that one in 2014, but don’t we all? I learned just how different each and every single human is – a simple thought, but seriously, think about it, it’s mesmerizing to me. I learned that if we all just followed suit with our friends all the time, life would be SO boring, and who likes boring?! I learned that I don’t have to please other people in order to please myself. I learned that no one life is better or worse than another – they’re all just different. I learned all of this and SO much more just by making one seemingly simple resolution.

All that being said, I had a great 2013 and I’m so glad that I made my first real resolution. I love being myself. I’m weird and wacky and I like strange things and I have my eye brow pierced and I love it. And you know what? That makes me happy. And I like being happy. Happy is fun. Additionally, I was really pleased to discover that my friends did in fact still love me even though I’m weird and different than they are, and boy, am I thankful for that.

I have a few ideas for my 2014 resolutions (yes, plural! Go big or go home, right?) but I think I’ll save them for another day since this has already gone on longer than I meant for it to. (Spoiler alert: you’re reading one of my resolutions.)

My conclusions: I think that these days resolutions are seen as a lot of empty promises and vows that are never kept, as annoying extras or “resolutioners” in the gym and whole wheat instead of white bread and cooking in instead of eating out. But that doesn’t have to be true for you, it wasn’t for me. I’m thankful for a new year and a new time for resolving to make new changes. I encourage you to make resolutions. Make resolutions that will change the way you see things. Make resolutions that cause you to feel uncomfortable sometimes. Make resolutions that make you feel vulnerable. Make resolutions that will teach you new things. Make resolutions and go through with them all year long, you may be surprised at how different you and your life will be at the end of the year.

Much love and many blessings,


Live and Learn: You are more.

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So, I’ve had an interesting past five or six months. In fact, so interesting that I’ve actually been fighting the urge for a while now to write a blog post about it. So here I am (my mom is SO excited right now). For my friends who never knew about this blog until now, I suppose I should explain. I started this blog while training for a half marathon my freshman year of college (2010-2011) as a way of tracking my progress. It became like a diary for me – an outlet to write stuff that I was thinking about – but at a certain point (not long after I started it) I decided that no one was reading and there was no point in going further with it. Even though I still have doubts that there is any living creature out there reading this (other than my mom), I thought I would have another go at it. 

You may have asked yourself, “The Brainfunk Phenomena? That’s a really strange name for a blog.” If you asked yourself that, you must not know me very well – because I am strange (and I like it that way). Anyway, The Brainfunk Phenomena was so named because I knew that the things that I would write on my blog would be just the ramblings that usually stay in my brain. The silly things that don’t matter or mean anything to anyone else except me: funk. But since it usually stays in my brain, it’s brain funk. If you’re thinking, “Wow, she really is weird.” Well … then … you’re right, my friend. Welcome. And button your britches ‘cause it’s gonna be a weird and wild ride. 

Now that we’re all caught up to speed, on that, I guess I should bring you all up to speed on my life as of late.  

A year ago today, I was a junior at The University of Memphis, a council member of my sorority and living in the sorority house, and (in my opinion) a bit (really, just a bit) of a social butterfly. My life probably couldn’t be any more opposite now than it was a year ago but honestly, I’m happier now than I think I ever would have expected I would have been had I seen it coming. 

One thing led to another and I ended up taking a semester off of school this fall which basically caused my whole life to change (in a good way). I worked as much as they would let me at LOFT in Germantown – I hated working retail but LOVED the women I met and became friends with at LOFT. My sweet parents welcomed me home and allowed me to come back into their previously empty nest. I was able to visit my boyfriend of nearly five years as he moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas to pursue his first “big boy” job as a police officer which made me very happy. 

A lot of change happened in my life in a very short amount of time. Though I never second guessed the choices that I made, and I was never unhappy, I did a few times miss some of the things (and people … well, mostly the people) that I left behind amongst all the change. I repeat: I was never unhappy and was glad I did what I did (I’m talking to you, mom). I mean it though. I wouldn’t change the past six months if I had the opportunity. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “But Sara Ann, you had a great social life, the best sorority in the whole world, so many friends, everything was so perfect and fun and awesome, how on earth could you be happy after leaving all of that behind?!” Well. I dunno really, I’m sure a lot of my friends wouldn’t be happy had they taken the route I decided to take, but hey, everyone’s different, right? What I’m getting at is this: the changes in my life have taught me a plethora of different things, which brings me to the purpose of this post. 

Over the past six months, detached from the life I used to have, while still observing the lives of my peers, I have learned so many things. I hope that if any of my peers are reading this stupid blog (so very doubtful) that you aren’t offended by any of this or think that I’m talking about you, because I truly am not. I am merely reflecting on the things I have learned. 

So, here goes.

1. We care too much about grades. This is an opinion of mine that I’m sure a handful or more of you will disagree with but that’s okay with me. I do not mean to say that we care too much about education because I do believe that education is extremely important. However, in the absence of stress and assignments and homework and grades in my life this fall, I have been much more aware of the importance that we put on our grades. Sure, you shouldn’t just sit around, twiddling your thumbs and not studying for your finals – I’m not encouraging laziness where your studies are concerned. I’m just saying that I’ve seen too many of my friends worry and study themselves into illness for ONE grade. We’ve all done it (probably). But think about what that grade means in the grand scheme of life. Think about how little that grade is. More importantly, I’ve seen my peers count their worth by their grades, which makes me really, really sad. I’m asking students to realize that their worth does not come from a 4.0 GPA (or even a 2.0). You are more. 

 2. We care too much about our social lives. I’ve had little to no social life since August. Many people would be annoyed, upset, bored, and disappointed by this in their own life. Naturally, some people are more social than others; to each his/her own. I wish that more of us would care less about how many parties we go to, how many friends we have, how many followers we have, how many likes we get on our Instagram pictures (I am SO guilty of this and if you’re honest with yourself you probably are too), the list goes on. Friends are important for sure. The problem is that we’re defining ourselves – and our worth – by these principles. You are more. 

3. We care too much about our appearances. This one is a toughy. This one is tough for me because I struggle with this more than anything else, yet it’s something I am so passionate about. I have trouble believing what I’m trying to get other people to believe. But anyway, the thing that I am most sick of seeing on social media, and hearing from the lips of my friends and family is, “I’m such a fatty” or some other similar expression on that subject. Stop it. I’m serious. Stop. First of all, I don’t have any friends or family who are not incredibly beautiful (or handsome) in their own way. I’m so damn sick of all of us comparing ourselves to what we see in the media (P.S. it’s fake – all of it). Just because you aren’t a size 0, with long, lean legs, and washboard abs does NOT mean that you aren’t amazing just the way you are (thank you Bruno Mars). But maybe you ARE a size 0 – I probably hate you … totally kidding – maybe you are a size 0 and you still think to yourself, “If I could just be a smaller here and this could be a little tighter.” Quit it! I wish we would all just be happy with what we’ve got. Not all of us were meant to be fit little twigs. I’m also not encouraging complacency because health wise I know that’s not good either. Let’s all just be HEALTHY. How bout that? You know why? Because your worth does not come from your appearance. Skinny girls aren’t worth more than plus size girls. Let’s stop caring so much about what we look like. You are more. 


Basically, I wish that we would all care a little less about the things of this world. I wish we would all stop counting our worth by our accomplishments, by our GPAs, by our social lives, by our appearances (and our bra sizes), and by everything that DOESN’T MATTER. Love yourself. Be thankful for what you’ve got: your health, your family, your friends, your pets, your books, all the little things, your education, your knowledge, ice cream (yes! be SO thankful for ice cream!); be thankful for things in your life instead wishing they were different. Stop using all your energy on making things different or “better’ when they’re already great. Be you. Be thankful for you. You are more. 

She’s the Greatest Great

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Okay, so before I start this post I want to say that I’m not doing my Embrace:Me post like I said I was going to at the end of my previous post. But I would like to please be excused for going back on my word because I have something far more important to tell you about tonight.

Tonight, I want to celebrate the long and amazing life of my great grandmother, Virginia Dohogne, otherwise known to my sister, cousins and me as Great Dohogne. On Friday morning I was informed of Great Dohogne’s passing. I have had my time to be sad and my time to mourn and now I would love nothing more than to tell you all about why she was so awesome, why she meant the world to me, why she was the best great grandmother that will ever be and why I will never forget her.

A couple of different things come to mind when I think about Great Dohogne. She was always wearing adorable outfits. They were always very bright and colorful. But the best part about her outfits was that she always had perfectly matching jewelry for each outfit. And I mean every outfit. I can’t remember a time when I saw her that she didn’t just look absolutely fabulous and coordinated. It was adorable. Not to mention her hair was always done perfect, she looked like she had just stepped out of the beauty shop every time I saw her. The next thing that comes to my mind when I think about Great Dohogne is: toe ring. Yes, that’s right, toe ring. You may be wondering, “Why does a toe ring remind you of your 95 year old great grandmother?” I will never forget the night that Great Dohogne practically pranced into my grandma’s house because she was so excited to show my sister and me something. This time, with her adorably coordinated outfit, she had added an equally precious toe ring. My 95 year old great grandma wore a toe ring. How freaking cool is that? I’ll never forget that. Never ever.

Great Dohogne was one of the sweetest little old ladies I have ever met. She was very brilliant and wise. From what I’ve heard, she played a very mean game of bridge with her girl friends at least once a week. She loved to give hugs and “sugar” (kisses). And she was one of my favorite people to give hugs and sugar. She was a very strong woman who, even at age 95, drove herself to church every Sunday and anywhere else she needed to go. She was independent and liked doing things for herself.

I know that Great Dohogne is in a better place now, where she will never feel pain or sadness. And I’m so happy for her for that. But I still wish I had her here to give me sugar and hugs. I’m going to miss her bright smiling face that matched her bright, coordinated outfits. I’m going to miss her cute laugh and her sweet spirit. I will miss everything about Great Dohogne. Heaven is lucky to have Great Dohogne and I know that she was welcomed with open arms and I hope that she happily pranced and joined her husband and my grandpa just like she pranced in to show me her toe ring. But I don’t just hope that part –– I know it.

Rest in peace Virginia Dohogne. You are already missed very much. I love you so much. You’re an amazing woman.

That’s all for tonight
Much love,

Psalm 23 (The Message)

“God, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing.
You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
you find me quiet pools to drink from.
True to your word,
you let me catch my breath
and send me in the right direction.

4 Even when the way goes through
Death Valley,
I’m not afraid
when you walk at my side.

Your trusty shepherd’s crook
makes me feel secure.

5 You serve me a six-course dinner
right in front of my enemies.
You revive my drooping head;
my cup brims with blessing

6 Your beauty and love chase after me
every day of my life.
I’m back home in the house of God
for the rest of my life.”

Me, Jaboo (my grandma) and Great Dohogne

It's a bad picture of me, but this is me, Great Dohogne, Jaboo and EE (my aunt)

I thought this was a really pretty picture of her

Great Dohogne and Jaboo at my twin cousins first birthday party - Jaboo has her face painted

I thought this was a precious picture of her playing with one of my twin cousins, Madeline

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a picture of her in one of her bright, colorful outfits… I’ll find a good one some day and put it up here. 🙂

Still Running Strong!

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Get ready, cause this is a long one, I gotta catch up a little.

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted a legitimate update on my half marathon training. So here goes a little bit of my not so interesting or particularly impressive training life since last week:

Ethan got to come visit me which I was surprised and very excited about as I didn’t expect it would be possible this semester with his baseball schedule. I was happy to have him with me again 🙂 yay! Saturday late afternoon we decided to embark upon our first run over a mile and a half. I was feeling two different emotions about the prospect of the run: a little nervous about the idea of running two miles since we hadn’t done that yet and not so worried because I had felt great on the last few runs –– I even kind of wanted to keep going a little! About halfway through I realized I was still feeling awesome and that made me happy. I don’t know for sure, but I think having Ethan with me probably helped. After all, he was the one that was there in the beginning to push me harder and even when I realllyyyyy wanted to stop and walk, he made me run. Not to mention the consistent encouragement he offered when he knew I was struggling, too. And when he would get a few strides ahead of me, I would push myself to catch up so that I could be closer to him. (I know, I’m super cheesy, get over it.) I guess I had forgotten how much easier it felt for me to run with him –– and how much more fun and challenging it could be. Suffice it to say that the two miler that I envisioned totally sucking was basically a breeze.

As a side note: while on the two mile run, we simultaneously discovered the ghetto(er) parts of Conway. Again, let me just say, I’m glad I was with Ethan… And we’ve since created a different two mile running route since Ethan can’t be with me during the week to calm me down when I run past a big, scary, barking dog.

After a restful Sunday, Monday came around and Savanna and I were ready for our first legit Yoga class (for credit at school, that is)! Which was a very nice precursory activity to the mile and a half run for the day. Everything about the run was fantastic. Except for one disconcerting affair. I was running up a little downtown street and the incline of the street had steadily been increasing, thus I steadily decreased in speed — not by very much though. For real, though, it was just a little slower. But ahead of me was a mom and two small girls. As I (quickly) approached, the mom said to her girls, “Oh, watch out girls, this lady is jogging.”Jogging? Excuse me? I’m angry. So angry. I want to stop, turn around and say “Jogging?! You think I’m JOGGING? I am NOT jogging, lady! Let’s see you run an eight minute mile pace for a mile and a half and see how fast you’re moving your large, jiggly butt, alright?!” But I stopped myself from being rude, mostly just because there were small children involved. Her butt wasn’t large. Or jiggly. But gosh darn it, I wish it had been. Anyway, I used the anger I had built up for a little encouragement and burst of energy. Again, I finished the run feeling like I could go on for at least another half mile. I became curious of this, so I planned for us to test our limits on the next day’s run and see how far we could go…

So on Tuesday we went out for our run. We had a two and a half miler planned out (thanks to We decided to play it by ear, not promising two and a half but also not limiting to two and a half. Two miles went by before I knew it and I still felt pretty good. And then around 2.4 miles I started to feel a little tired and my legs started to ache. This is feeling I was looking for though, I told myself. Until this point I hadn’t really felt like I was pushing myself very hard and I actually desired the satisfaction of tired, but hard worked legs, nasty cottony mouth and out of breath, heaving lungs. Yeah, I sound crazy, I feel crazy saying that… Whatever. I think I squeezed out a good 2.68 miles that day. And I was very tired. A little crampy in the calf, quad and hammy areas. And I liked it.

Yesterday was an off day and boy was I happy to hear it. I woke up, not sore, but with a very lethargic body — mostly in the legs. Walking almost felt like a chore. And then there were stairs. Did I really have to get put on the second floor of my dorm? I know I’m whining about two flights of stairs… that’s ridiculous. But I was really feelin’ the burn yesterday and I wanted sympathy. Since we didn’t have to run, Savanna and I decided to do some ab work. We did a nice 45 minute pilates work out. It was pretty intense. For real. And I felt really good after it. I’m just hoping that the object of our battle cries of pain while pulsing and holding, planking and boating, will some day come true — “Spring break body! Six pack! Not beer! Abs! Bikinis! Back dimples!”

It was awesome when today, someone asked us as we were gearing up for the run, “How much are y’all running today?” and I got to reply, “Only a mile and a half.” That’s right – ONLY. Especially after Tuesday’s over achieving 2.68 miles, 1.5 seemed pretty easy. And I never thought I would be one of those people who ever said “only” when talking about mileage. Oh yeahhh. But today’s run was harder that I thought it was gonna be. Probably just because my legs are really exhausted after Tuesday’s challenging run and last night’s intense pilates which include a fair amount of leg exercises. Needless to say my legs were feelin’ it pretty rough this go round. For the first time in a long time I wasn’t sure I could finish. But I did. I thought about how I haven’t stopped to walk on any of our runs yet, and I wasn’t going to let today be the day that I did. Especially after I finally said “only.” I knew I couldn’t wimp out. So I didn’t. I was pretty dehydrated and felt like puking for a bit. But I held that in, too. Thank goodness. I was very happy to see the last stretch of the run before re-entering campus until I felt my shoe untie. I waited until the latest possible moment to retie my shoe. I was kinda sad that I had to stop, but after I stopped and began to tie my shoe, I was glad I stopped. I then proceeded on and finished strong.

My first mile today was in 8:44. And I’m approximating the total time at around 13:50. I say “approximating” because once I was done, I forgot to press the little button on my Nike SportBand that tells it I’m done running, so it kept going. Which messes everything up. I kinda suck with remembering to turn it on… and off, apparently. Anyway, that’s not my best. It’s also not my worst, though… I don’t think. So I’m relatively pleased with it.

Now for an update on my non-running life. My classes are going great. I’m already obsessed with my Intro to Sociology class. All of my professors are good. Also, I got complimented on my blind contour in Freehand Drawing class today. I’m really excited to go home this weekend. I’ve been missing my family, boy and puppies. And I just kinda need a break. So that’s that I guess.

I’ve applied to go on this weekend retreat with my school and a few other local colleges called Just Communities of Arkansas (JCA) OurCampus. According to their website, “OurCampus, JCA’s newest youth program, is a two and a half-day diversity and inclusion retreat, in which college students and faculty come together to learn to value diversity, to recognize bias and understand its costs, to understand the role of privilege in America, and to ultimately become agents of change in promoting inclusion on their campuses and in their communities.” It sounded really interesting to me and I wanted to try out something new for a change. Also, I think it’s good experience and maybe some good resume fluff since it kinda ties into/relates to what I want to do with my life. I find out if I’m “accepted” on Monday and then next weekend is the retreat. Also on Monday, applications for Hendrix’s Orientation Leaders come out. And I can’t wait to apply for that! 🙂

That’s about it for now. My next post is going to called Embrace:Me, inspired by another running blogger that I’ve come into contact with via Twitter. So, before I post in the next couple of days, you should go to Emilie’s blog and read her post called Embrace Me to understand why I’m writing the next post. You should also read Embrace:RunSavannaRun, who was featured on Emilie’s blog. And if you have a bunch of time on your hands, read over the post on Emilie’s blog, about the Special K Challenge. To preface, and hopefully draw you in, the motto of the Special K Challenge is “What will you gain when you lose?” Emilie says, and I completely agree with her, “The idea that you have to lose in order to gain, though, does sort of send up a red flag for me.” From what I have read, she was inspired by the “challenge” and started a blog series called Embrace:Me, “a project designed to encourage body confidence and treating yourself with a healthy, accepting attitude,” she says. I, personally, LOVE this idea to pieces. Which is why my next post will be Embrace:Me.

Much love,

“Do we have to move?” No. “Okay, good, we’re tired.”

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Training for a marathon has done a lot of things to my body and mind. But mostly, it’s just made me really tired all the time. For example, the other day we were walking through Target and saw an empty couch a few aisles down. Savanna and I looked at each other, knowing we had the exact same idea, and sped up to a power walk to plop down on the couch. We were simply taking advantage of the open opportunity that we came across.

Two training marathoners maul an empty couch in Target.

Just thought I’d share this with you. 🙂
I’m going to try to write a real post later!

Until then,

My Sprinting Frustration

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So, yesterday, on our off day, Savanna and I decided that we wanted to go run anyway. But instead of going on a standard mile long run, we wanted to do a little endurance training by trying out “pyramid sprints.” I don’t know about Savanna, but I kinda blew it off thinking it couldn’t be too bad. To say the least, I now regret my assuming response to the idea of the workout. Somehow, I managed to forget my days of high school competitive cheerleading and junior varsity lacrosse training. And by that I mean sprints. Lots of sprints. In both sports were many days of conditioning and workouts always including sprints. So WHY did I not remember how completely terrible they were?! I’m utterly stupefied (no, Harry Potter did not curse me while I was running, I just mean I was shocked and I felt stupid) that I managed to forget the intensity I’ve already experienced with sprints.

Anyway, we marched our happy bootays down to the outdoor track since we didn’t want to be randomly sprinting, jogging, sprinting, walking, sprinting, running on a road as to prevent confusion of local drivers –– and ensure our safety. It was the coldest weather we had run in to date, but we thought we were prepared adequately. We were wrong. We were very wrong. But that didn’t stop us from getting our sprint on.

I should explain how we do our “pyramid sprints” since most people may have an idea, but I’m sure it’s done many different ways. Here’s how it goes, basically:
Sprint for 15 seconds, run for 15 seconds.
Sprint for 30 seconds, run for 30 seconds.
Sprint for 45 seconds, run for 45 seconds.
Sprint for 1 minute, run for 1 minute.
Sprint for 45 seconds, run for 45 seconds.
Sprint for 30 seconds, run for 30 seconds.
Sprint for 15 seconds, run for 15 seconds.

Sounds like fun, right?! Yeah, I have no idea why I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be. And the cold did not help. At all. To top it off, when we got down to the track there were stupid boys on the field and we felt totes awk doing our ridiculous workout with the boys sitting there, in the middle of the field, pretending not to watch us when they weren’t doing their workout. Ugh.

Neither of us had a stopwatch to use for the workout, so we decided to approximate the time for each. I think my brain is still a little frozen from coldness and the unexpected flummoxing I experienced after only one tier of the pyramid, so I’m trying to recall what happened. I know that I was freaking out half way through the first sprint when I felt something in my chest. It felt like my lungs had frozen (much like my fingers and toes –– poor circulation, thanks for that grandma!) and I could hardly breath. But I finished the sprint anyway. I ran for what seemed like fifteen seconds… but it was probably about 30. I’m okay with that, though. 🙂 I then sped up to try this whole sprinting thing out again. Not much worse than the one before. But it was rough. I sprinted for as long as I though I could handle, promising I wouldn’t exceed the 30 seconds because if I did, I would most likely collapse. By the time I thought I should be done with that sprint I thought I really was going to collapse, so I walked. Yep, I wimped out. I did it. And I’m accepting of my failure in the sprinting department. I won’t finish the description of the workout in detail. The workout failed. I did continue with sprints for a total of maybe two and a half laps around the track… walking every once in awhile instead of the projected “run.” But all-in-all, I think it was a good experience for us, even though we wimped out a little. Okay, okay, a lot, I know it was a lot. Whatever. We have some work to do in the endurance department but at least now we know that we should probably accomplish this type of training if we intend to succeed on the long Saturday runs that lie ahead.

As for today, it’s freaking snowing outside. Again. Ugh. I am NOT a happy camper. Point being, we ARE NOT dedicated enough to march our happy bootays outside and run in snow. Therefore we are being compelled by the forces of the runner’s high to go to the Wellness and Athletic Center (better known by me as WACtown) and run on the… DUM DUM DUM. Dreaaadmiiiillllll! Yes, it will happen. It must happen. But it’s still only a mile and half. So I have faith. We’ve done it before, we can do it again. Hopefully this disgusting snow will melt away and we can go back to our nice outside route.

In other news, I woke up a little late today for my 9:10 class and therefore did not have time to look outside to see the weather (not that it even crossed my mind to do such a thing) and wore my brand new chestnut Ugg boots to class. On the way to the farthest building on campus, it was raining. Not hard, but enough for it to get some of my boots wet. However, by the time class was over, they were dry for the most part. Until I walked outside and saw the only I hate to see more than Friday’s cafeteria lunch of chicken liver. SNOW. It was snowing hard, too. And my stupid new boots that I put on because I was stupid and I didn’t look outside my stupid window before I left for my stupid early class, might be ruined. I’m a very very unhappy camper, as you may imagine.

Hoping this day gets better…
It’s got to get better than this, right?
Ugh… I don’t want to know the answer to that.

Thanks for reading, hope your day is better than mine!
Much love,
…But not in the snow.
…No really, it’s freaking cold out there.

The Running Mulan

•January 19, 2011 • 1 Comment

You know the old Disney movie, Mulan? If you don’t, you should. No, really, go watch it. No, I’m not kidding. Stop wasting your time reading my dumb blog and go watch this fantastic movie. It is now an official prerequisite to reading this blog post. I’m trusting you. If you haven’t seen it and you’re still sitting here reading this… I’m angry. Haha. Not really, but whatever. Okay back to the point of why I’m talking about Mulan in the first place. (It’s quite obvious that I haven’t taken my ADD meds in a while… sorry about that…)

I was just noticing… it’s kinda funny actually, and really silly. But, I feel like the running (versus warrior) version of Mulan. I will only stress one more time – if you didn’t need to read the words in parenthesis to understand what I meant just now, you’re good, keep reading, please. If you didn’t, seriously, go watch the dang movie. 🙂 Anyway, I keep finding myself saying the phrase, or something close to it, “Who is this girl and WHAT has she done with the real Sara Ann?!!” As a matter of fact, I think I’ve probably thought/said this in one of my recent posts. Anyway, I thought this to myself a few minutes ago and instantly starting singing the Mulan song. You know which one I’m talking about! Yes, the one that Christina Aguilera sang – and yeah it’s her but you know you totally LOVED it, too.

Here’s the song, even though you already know it. I’ve replaced my thoughts about my relation to Mulan in brackets for emphasis.

Look at me
I will never pass for a perfect bride [runner]
Or a perfect daughter [marathoner]
Can it be
I’m not meant to play this part?
Now I see
That if I were truly to be myself
I would break my fam’ly’s heart [yeah okay, this doesn’t really fit into my metaphor but whatever!]

Who is that girl I see
Staring straight
Back at me?
Why is my reflection someone
I don’t know?
Somehow I cannot hide
Who I am
Though I’ve tried
When will my reflection [body] show [feel]
Who I am inside?
When will my reflection [body] show [feel]
Who I am inside?

You see? I’m freaking Mulan right now! We have the same life! For real! I mean I even chopped all of my hair off like her one time. We’re practically identical twins.

I feel as though I should share the most current instances to which I reacted with the dramatic Mulan questioning moment…

1) When I looked at the first dinner that I got from the cafeteria since being back at school. Here it is…

Yes, this was my whole dinner. A big ol' salad. Broccoli and cucumber with some dressing. Apples and a banana. And a couple rolls because I freaking need carbs.

Old Sara Ann’s dinner was usually a little less green and leafy and a little more grease and… yuck. haha

2) Conversation with my friend Emily via Facebook:
(Note: This is a paraphrased version)
Emily: hey girl, how’s the running going?
New Sara Ann: ahh! it’s fantastic! I’m actually starting to enjoy it! tomorrow is a rest day and I’m actually kind of sad! [Who is this girl?!!]

How would this conversation had gone down two months ago?
Emily: hey girl, how’s the running going? I heard you passed out in the middle of the street and ambulances had to come and revive you and bring you back to life because you almost died?!!!
Old, Pre-Running, Pre-Mulan Stage Sara Ann: OMG, yeah girl. Running sucks. I totes hate it with a burning passion deep within my soul. I mean seriously I would have rather those paramedics NOT revive me!
Okay, fine, it’s a little over dramatic. But it’s true for the most part.

I guess the point of this post is to say I’m noticing a change in my life. It’s not just a health kick. It’s not just a running/working out/getting in shape kick. It’s a life style change. And it’s fo real! This is happening!

So let me reintroduce myself. My name is Sara Ann Mulan Sanders. I love running and I don’t feel like my day is complete until I have run. I love vegetables and fruit; I could, and do eat them all day long. As my meal. My entire meal! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I’m running a half marathon in April. And another one in December. Oh yeah and them there’s that Disney World full marathon next January. What’s that? Oh no, it’s really not that big of a deal, it’s actually a lot of fun! This is the me. This is my life. This is the real Sara Ann. Nice to meet you!

That’s all for now. Since it’s an “off day” for running today, but we want to run anyway, Savanna and I are going to do this workout that’s in our training schedule in a few weeks, called “pyramids.” Basically, I think we might die because it’s a lot of sprinting. So if you’re keeping up with me, expect another post later tonight!

Much love,

By the way, you should know, because I’m proud, I wrote this whole thing in my bed last night. Although I edited it this morning and added the HTML and whatever, it’s true. I’m a total geek. YAY! 🙂