150 bags.

This week, Ethan & I finished off a box of 150 trash bags. If you know me at all, you know how disgustingly sentimental I can be. Marriage has, if at all possible, made me even more sentimental than ever before.

Shortly after Ethan & I arrived at our new home upon returning from our honeymoon, we made a big Walmart trip to retrieve various home necessities. Among our purchases was a box of 150 trash bags. I remember thinking, “Wow, it’ll take us forever to use 150 trash bags.” I also remember thinking about how “good at marriage” we would be by the time that box was empty.

Well, folks, we are just over 7 months into this whole marriage thing & I’m here to tell you that we aren’t any better at it that we were on day one.

It was silly of me to even think that one day we would be “good” at marriage, because I’m not really sure that anyone ever masters the art of marriage. Being newly married is a wonderful thing, but a thing that comes with a lot of lessons to be learned by both man & wife.

Sometimes marriage is hard. I never realized what a selfish human I can be until marriage. Sharing a bed & a sleep schedule with another human is not always ideal. Trying to agree on paint colors & if the swirly iron tree that I picked out specifically to go in a certain place looks good on this wall or that one is not always fun. Arguing over who has to get out of bed to let the dog out really shows a different side of both of us that you would never know existed.

More importantly than the hard, messy side of marriage though, this has been nothing short of a sweet, sweet blessing. Forming a new family with the person you love is one of the coolest, most fulfilling & joyous things I have ever been a part of. This marriage has forced me to grow & change in ways that I didn’t want to countless times. But as challenging as it can be & has been, it is so far beyond worth it. Marriage is honestly the most fun I have had in my life so far.

Right now we have tons of friends getting engaged & married – it is wonderful & I absolutely love it. I get so excited to talk to my friends about how awesome marriage is. In my opinion (hopefully Ethan would agree) marriage has been the most fun I’ve had during the 6 years of this relationship. I get to live with my best friend, you guys, how cool is that?

My cheesy, sentimental self has found every tiny thing about this marriage so special. Grocery shopping is more fun. Doing the dishes together makes it less terrible. Snuggling & doing nothing on a weekend is the coolest thing ever. Taking the pup to the park is a blast.

Time won’t make us “better” at marriage. I mean, we’re already hella good at it anyway. Kidding. Sorta. But really, I look forward to the day when we go through our next 150 trash bags & I can see how far we’ve come from where we are now.

peace & blessings,



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